Xrp Ripple NEWS: Samiam & Ckj Wow!!Ok!! Really?!!!

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  • I loved this channel. Loved that it didn't get caught up in all the politics, just as DAI's channel. Tip: Stick to what you've been doing and don't allow your platform to be used or involved in creator's mess. To that, Sorry but I have to Unsubscribe bro.

  • Umm i think before putting a video with the title of 2 ppl having drama and then putting down your own opinion, you probably should look at the whole situation properly. Someone asked sam to investigate it and Didnt you see Sam say he went to KB who controls the charity funds and told him about it but was attacked and blocked which is why he did it publicly , also to warn people? . And if you got offended when he repeated a DM using the N word you got personal issues. Its CLEAR obvious he wasnt intending it to be racist . And when you said SamIam put out a video where he didnt like the way BG put him up on high standards and its clear your intending the possibly he might be jealous . BUT THEN YOU SAY THE SAME thing where you tell ppl not to put someone on a pedistal . Are you blind? Samiam said he didnt like the way BG put him on a pedistal which is pretty much what you dont like isnt it? Its CRYSTAL clear its not personal and would never have started if ppl didnt ask sam to assist in investigating. LOL

  • I just believe Sam took it very personal that ckj has scammed generous people in the community he has back stabbed numerous YouTubers and then to top it off he's stealing from sick kids with cancer and Sam didn't say dai was a racist he said ckj wanted to make it appear as though he was a racist to take his subscribers away.

  • I think the fact that BG was at the Texas meet up that CKJ and King Blue were at is very suspicious. The fact that BG keeps CKJ in his focus is suspicious because there are other YouTubers that go way deeper on his content. The most convincing fact that CKJ is actually a scammer and a back stabber is the fact that he didn't immediately come out and show any of his own screen shots showing that it was doctored like he said. He tried to apologize but kept trying to convince everyone that he isn't that guy, which itself is a very guilty sign.

  • dont watch their videos either. u know they get revenue. just fucking ignore them. ckj is annoying as shit anyway. go do something productive, xrp will moon. you know enough already.

  • Yet to see proof that the screen shots were real.  These accusations are getting out of hand.  It is a shame that everyone is so quick to judge without the facts.  Sam even stated in his exposure video that he doesn't have proof.  All of the screen shots could have easily been altered to play out to someone's agenda.  CKJ is a genuine guy and is donating the money once he receives his check from youtube.  The money that was donated is not instantly deposited, have patience.

  • Something about cjk never sat well with me. Just a bad feeling from the beginning. I was never able to watch him. Now I wonder if he's kinda made up and manifested some of the bearable guy clues just to attract attention to himself. They both like to draw attention and drama..Some people have WAY to much spare time on their hands!

  • CJK would not have cooperated with Sam offline. He needed to expose him. St. Judes is a charity you can't play around with. and you are right dissing DAI was way out of line. He is way offfffff!

  • Its one thing to be competitive but CKJ needs to harness that competitive energy and direct it in to raising his level of professionalism and character. He needs to realize that the best people in this space don't have many giveaways. He thinks his followers need tips and payouts when his content is actually good enough.
    That would be my advise to him, reinvent himself and become a class act. This is his challenge. I wish him success.