Why XRP may rally soon? Crypto market cap to $200 bil? Bitcoin analysis 2019

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  • Doesn't XRP for the most part follow the bitcoin price? So regardless of what the indicators say won't the price just come right back down when bitcoin does?

  • XRP = MANIPULATION + fraud + HYPE + PUMP and dump + centralize & controlled + SPECULATION.
    1. When XRP rises by 10% (due to pump – assumption) whales can easily make millions in a relatively short time assuming theN start dumping.
    2. OTC Transactions: Big amount of transactions has no impact of price. Later whales are dumping in retail market.
    3. SEC declaration: SEC will keep delaying their decision on XRP.
    4. All the xrp utubers are clown & joker coz their EOY 2018 prediction were wrong. Don't trust them at all. All rubbish.
    5. At least one major bank will use Xrapid by EOY 2018 – CEO Ripple (Brad). It is 2019 & no major bank is using Xrapid. What a lie & fraud.
    6. Huge/massive news/adoption will not increase XRP price. XRP will go up if BTC go up. XRP price increase entirely depends on BTC.
    Conclusion: XRP will not touch at 1 dollar mark in EOY 2019. .

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  • about this debate around the pump, i'd say that i don't think it was an ascending triangle because two points draw a line and three points draw a trend, and we had only two points for the uptrend and bottom of this potential ascending triangle, so without this third point i wouldn't consider it was an ascending triangle, but, some say that it was an Adam & Eve, i agree more with this (i didn't see it to be honest), but after this pump of 23% in an hour that destroyed many traders short (me i was out of the market), i tend to think it was in fact an Ascending Asianwhales, new and specific pattern to btc LOL (i joke)

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