Why Ripple's Investment in MoneyGram is Such a Big Deal

Listen to a couple of excepts from an interview with MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes. Ripple and XRP adoption is about to start moving forward very very quickly. Hold on to your hats.



  • Why doesn’t these big customers of Ripple eventually using Xrapid/XRP buy a shit ton of it? Wouldn’t that be a really really smart thing for them to do as well as you and I? If I had millions I’d buy every freakin one I could, bc I’m going to boost the market with my liquidity through the system.

  • XRP is an AWESOME INVESTMENT: New Partners new Liquidity New Demand= New Exposure: Also: If
    you have a 10,000 XRP by December if BTC goes to $25,000 to $40,000 I am 100%
    sure that XRP will be at $10 a coin–this EQUALS = 10,000 (XRP coins)x $10=

  • Let's not forget Ripple has only acquired 8-10% of the stake in Moneygram. However, if things go well, this event could be the catalyst for other companies that have already signed with Ripple to start switching from xcurrent to xrapid. Exciting times ahead.

  • Sam, I'm old don't know how to send links etc. But I thought you may be interested, facebooks new coin and facebooks connections and why I think it would be a great mistake for RIPPLE XRP to get involved with them. Watch video by AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE MEDIA called FACEBOOK INSIDER CONFESSES ALL. very revealing!!!

  • Moneygram had less than 100m market cap before the 100% pump yesterday… that is less than most shitcoins in the top 100. This news is being blown way out of proportion hence why xrp barely moved on this news.

  • If Moneygram releases their nostro vostro dollars they can buy other businesses with Ripple and XRP as shareholders. This is the domino effect for Ripple and XRP. This is the best news ever for XRP. It also forces others to partner with Ripple/XRP as well 🙂

  • Sam you missed playing the part where the interviewer has his “Ah ha!” moment in regard to saving on pre-funding accounts. That’s ok though. Great report Sam, thanks for all you do for us. Love listening??

  • Was the recent OTC slowdown by Ripple possibly in anticipation of this merger? Maybe now that they have such a big partner in MG they won't be moving as much XRP to other institutions.