Why Ethereum Is Crashing, The Real Reason, EOS Sell-Off? SEC?

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In today’s episode we’ll talk about:

– The real reason why Ethereum (ETH) is crashing

Here’s the tweet:

ERC20 Project Overview:

SEC ICO Invstigation:…


  • This is why ethereum, bitcoin and all cryptos are falling in price, they are all blips on a computer screen which can be hacked or removed by a click of a mouse.
    Look at bitcoin, in mid December 2017, priced at $19,783, March 30, 2017, priced at under $7000, by the end of spring 2018 will be priced at around 50¢!
    Bye-bye cryptos!

  • Even if an exchange is willing to do the token swap, it should be avoided. You may get your EOS but you will more than likely miss out many airdrops. With billions of dollars in VC + block one money, it is expected that there will be many sharedrops. If sharedrops are done on the genesis block instead of the current snapshot, you will more than likely miss out. It only takes 5 minutes to register, but you should allocate a few hours so you can do so confidently and securely