Trump Says He Hates Bitcoin! Loves Ripple R3 & XRP!

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  • I like XRP and Bitcoin but I wish that he hadn't called out Bitcoin or singled it out by name .. I ke the idea of the BTC system along with LTC and ETH ..He mainly did that because of THE BANKS ..

  • I want bartering, under the table dirty deads.. even playing field. The only reason we are going this way is because the Government is the corrupt problem. So I dont care at all what Trump, Congress, Fed likes. If they are threatened, good. I'll buy alot more.

  • Seems like good cop bad cop with the Fed. Powell answered a question about Bitcoin yesterday. Implied many currencies could exist in the U.S. Trumps job is to defend the USD
    Major investment firms are going to start trading Bitcoin soon.

  • Something I’m going to point out XRP bridge the existing currencies in seconds and work with the existing financial system not against the system not like so called bitcoin working against it..

  • Trump is a multi billionair and he likes what the bankers like and they like xrp, so tell me how many public billionairs are roaming the streets? The govt don't want a rich population as they are harder to control! do wake up!

  • LOL the US government will say anything to save the USD which we all know will fail and they used the president to push it because Libra is a threat and thank you facebook like Brad Garlinghouse said 😉

  • I wanted to point out that X-current 4.0 has X-rapid and Xvia integrated into the 4.0 software along with multihop. Ripple is the only blockchain/crypto on that list. This is huge news but we have been hit so hard from multi-directional attacks. The next question is, how much longer?