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  • I did like you, but litteraly, David did walk away from you. Don't pretend to interview him. The price did go up a few days and you start to act like a stupid. Please keep yoir content straight.

  • dude how can you call that an interview you asked 1 question to both Ryan and David ,pathetic, all yous did was chase mans around unpolitely holding cameras in faces, unprofessional and wearing combats ,cap and t-shirt under a shirt instead of shirt and tie.. a wasted ticket that DAI, Cobb,jungle or samiam could of had and brought us a lot better from for the ass lickers y'all know im hitting da truth guys…

  • It's really hard following you, you're moving from one topic to another without completing the previous topic. Dude please focus

  • I love the XRP community , bringing good people together ☺ . David Schwartz you have our Love and Respect we can see a better World with the technology , in the right hands can be used for Good Worldwide !