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  • Wake me up when XRP reaches 0.50. I'm honestly getting tired of all the crypto talk. People honestly don't know what they're talking about. XRP and other coins is a long term thing. Meaning years. People get back to work. You're not getting rich anytime soon.

  • I'm starting to look at this differently. I don't think there will be a need to cash. I believe we will have custody solutions with some type of FDIC on crypto to where I can draw interest (which might be issued in a stable coin ) and HODL as my xrp gains more value over time.

  • I tried approving a level 2 withdraw from Binance. The only way they can finalize it, is to have an android phone scan the qr code on a pc, if you have an apple iphone you are screwed like me. They sent me an IOS download but the apple store says its an untrustworthy app and refused to use the app. Has anyone else had trouble with it?

  • I've been heavily diversifying after owning a ton of xrp and got good results by selling lot of my xrp. Iota has got me great returns, litecoin, eos. It just seems like xrp will be a disappointment, no way in hell all this stuff going on with xrp yet the price goes up a cent if were lucky, other projects can pass gas and get 20% returns, just seems like ripple is hiding something.

  • Hey brother… I already store XRP on a ledger but several currencies are not supported by Ledger right? What do you do with Holo? I have some but I don't know if Ledger Nano supports it.

  • I have coinbase but I heard bad things about it when you want to sell. Should I get a more reliable wallet? like if I want to sell thousands of dollars without any hassle, is that even possible?

  • that guy P Zacharias says he is selling 85% of his XRP below $10!?…40% below ATHs!? not much of a believer in XRP or even crypto in general, that's pathetic. Alternatively, he may have loaded up below a cent, in which case most people should not be listening / care what he does as it does not apply.

  • What is he going to sell for, Fiat? Lol. I don't think so….. I'll keep my crypto thank you very much. See the video of the Bolivar and now replace that with Dollars…. That's what you all will be getting when you sell…a pile of paper Sheet..

  • Why would you want to have an exit strategy at all? Isn’t the whole point of all this that some major cryptos replace money in the future? Why would you change your crypto into devaluating dollars once we get there? If we don’t get there, forget your dreams of cryptos mooning

  • Keep loading those satoshi bags!! 🚀ONCE AGAIN, THE CAPITALIST PROBLEM OF MONOPOLIES. EVERYONE KNOWS WHO OWNS GOOGLE, AND WE KNOW WHY ANTI-TRUST LAWS ARE NOT BEING IMPLEMENTED. AFTER ALL, THE SAME GANG MANAGING GOOGLE ALSO MANAGES THE FEDERAL RESERVE.t is definitely a good video. My only advice for investors and new bees is to take advantage of Mr Edwin’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 2.5btc to 11bt in just 3weeks. You can reach him on castroedwin195 @gmail or telegram @castroedwin1or whatsapp; +1 845 400-7574.

  • F*ck Bittrex. Was forced to move funds out, and only had $10 left worth of BTC, but their bogus fees exceeded my balance and I can't transfer it out… They get to keep it. What a racket, f*ck them x 1000.

  • I'm going to ask a dumb question.

    I'm new to this world of "investing", it looks like the price of XRP (and others) is determined by the Market Cap divided by the circulating supply. My questions will be based on this so if it's not true, forgive me.

    1) In order for XRP to reach $10, the market cap must be 10X that of the circulating supply?

    2) Wouldn't banks wants to settle in a stable coin? Am I looking at this properly? If I (Wells Fargo) send $100,000,000,000 to Bank of Chile, I expect them to get $100,000,000,000 not $99,999,999,994.13; this is just a question (prob a simple answer for this).

    3) Where are these crazy $334 prices coming from? That is essentially 334X the circulating supply correct? Is that even possible? Isn't that like 33 trillion dollars?

    4) Does the money moved with XRapid count in the Market Cap? If it does then I can see it being possible, but does it need to be sustained daily to maintain the price at $334?

    These are sincere questions. I'm just a guy trying to retire one day.

  • Everyday more great news and yet the price continues to drop? I am not expecting XRP to blast off any time soon but a slow gradual increase in line with the good news would be most appreciated. It appears no matter how well Ripple does in obtaining new clients XRP continues stagnate price wise. Does Ripple actually need a valuable XRP to function? I'm beginning to think not.

  • Things are going to work like this,
    You will be able to custody your assets for interest bearing in exchange for crypto of your choice
    F cashing out for Fiat