LIVE Bitcoin – Is Tether In TROUBLE?! May 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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  • You the man!! You made more in your streamer account in the last 2 months than I make in my full time job all year working at a damn dirty, nasty greedy copper mine. Well done my friend, VERY inspirational, I look up to you bro, keep it up!!

  • Market Makers in Crypto are not doing what market makers on NYSE do. They do sheisty stuff man. Have lots of coins and dump on rallies – especially upon exchange launch – should be illegal. Unregulated space.

  • If your gonna scalp pundi x I've had more luck vs eth it's untradable vs btc only reason I do it cuz pundi gives me thousands coins for free every month and I trade those to increase my position even though it's not looking good over all

  • sick opening song, my dude. even sicker TA. you're always on it, always on the right side of all the dildos … i just need to not only listen, but take better action

  • HAHHAHAHA the four Ps of Marketing:

    Thank GAWD I learned this golden information in business school – otherwise I wouldn’t have known where to set my stop-loss in my last trade.

    Whew! Glad I paid 60k for THAT info!!

  • I try to watch all of your stream's but am still not confident enough to trade . Which exchange do you think has a good demo account i could try please?

  • I luff the stoch RSI meme indicator no matter what you say! And I'm obsessed with good water! Drinking water that makes you not want to drink it due to taste or hardness is one of the saddest things in the world. Thanks for krushing it, krown!