“Ethereum Could Replace Bitcoin”, Litecoin Core Bug And How To Run A Bitcoin Node

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  • Bitcoin doesn't need ETF's… we've made it this far without them and BTC's future is better off without them. Ethereum is gonna pump hard…great roadmap and ETH futures ahead. Anyone saying it's dead is just stupid. Fill your bags of both…bear market due to FUD and regulation has lasted long enough.

  • Interesting how banks and governments have an interest in controlling how much cryptocurrency people are able to purchase…
    It's my hard earned money and my back-breaking labor, not theirs. I'll spend it how I damn well please.

  • Charlie Lee, John McAfee, and Vitalik all showed a lack of support for their community this year. Grats on XRP maneuvering in while these other guys got lazy and complacent with their positions, apparently fear of competition is necessary for these other big dogs to get back to work. Guarantee ETH starts hitting the media too now in an attempt to save face and reclaim their #2 spot.

    The cryptoverse is becoming a very shady dark place driven by greed and fear rather than hopes and dreams. Watching ETH get manhandled from its #2 spot was oddly satisfying for me as somebody who owns ETH. It’s just nice to see a coin take control instead of leech market negativity as an excuse to dump on their holders…

  • xrp people baffle me. Why would you wave the flag for the big banks?? The underlying reason for all of our problems in the world.. It's disgusting really. Some people don't care about the future our kids will live in. They just care about making a buck in the here and now. I wish everyone would watch money masters documentary. Old but good. But alas, greed trumps common sense.

  • THE SEC IS WAITING FOR THE THUMBS UP FROM GOLDMAN SACHS BEFORE THEY APPROVE THE ETF. That's why they're dismissing all these proposals out of hand. All the banks want to get their fill of crypto before the common masses swoop in. Look at all the connections the SEC has to big banking.