Decentralization – Ethereum vs EOS – Look at facts

Everyone has heard about debate of decentralization of Ethereum vs EOS. We look at some facts and explain how we should analyze the decentralization. Also, we present a case for EOS to overthrow Ethereum in long run due to scalability issues.

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  • Is this a good time to buy etherium does it seem its gonna get way lower and If I want to buy eos will I need to buy two etheriums on coinbase in order to buy some eos on binance if i still want to own at least one etherium im new to crypto any help would be appreciated

  • I'm curious how they would compare when ethereum switches to proof of stake. (Plasma, Casper & sharding) That's ultimately why everyone is invested in it. It would be truly decentralized and majorly scalable. Sometimes it feels like a disservice to compare today's ethereum with todays EOS.

  • Thank you for this very clear comparison. I personally refuse to hold Bitcoin or any other PoW coin because they are doing so much damage to the environment. We also have people in this world who can't afford to heat their home because of high energy prices and PoW only makes this worse. I would like to see PoW made illegal because it's so wasteful for the benefit of a few. Or at least a ban on mining farms all over the world because it's unsustainable greed.

  • it's all you hear from Eth guys… how ETH is decentralised and EOS in centralised. you have just shown them the realities of the situation.
    I'll just use your link to this video to inform them.
    I do think they are smarter than that and they see… It's like politics to them, they are either Republican or Democrat. Really the world should be independent – like me 😉

  • For EOS to be democratic, we would have to disconnect voting power from wealth. One person – one vote is democratic. We have a plutocracy so far. Great info otherwise!

  • Very interesting. Another myth busted. I think decentralisation is often misunderstood. The recent bancor hack shows that even perceived decentralised systems are not truly decentralised because bancor froze accounts whilst attempting to trace and identify the thief. I'm not so sure that a truly decentralised system would benefit in the long term either because their may be an unforeseen event that requires such heavy action further along the line. Hopefully it won't be a nosey government !
    EOS dpos seems by far the best choice for the moment even with the problems of voting inequality. The reliability of the chain is most important and will influence investors yet to arrive.
    After doing some research, I'm now not so sure that the bitcoin ETF will be given the go ahead ( which would give the market a much needed boost ), simply because the regulated infrastructures are not quite fully in place just yet. The other point I don't believe will happen is the mass adoption as people perceive it. The way ahead, as Dan Larimer has mentioned, will be a blockchain running in the backend which is not visible to the general user. Apart from account generation, I don't see why the public at large need to be involved with blockchain directly.
    The social platforms built on EOS are where the profits will be and they will filter down to token holders. Just how 'value' can be extracted however, has yet to be identified IMO. I just hope that the quality of marketing and of developers using EOS will be better than what we have seen thus far on other chains. EOS is completely different to bitcoin and is leaving ethereum for dust. It amazes me that people still haven't seen the differences. Sorry to go on a bit. Just things on my mind. Keep up the great work Raman.

  • Ethereum really does not look good here… I think in the near future EOS will be the place to go. It seems like EOS Decentralization + TPS are superior to all other cryptos at the moment. (Bonus point: all the new investors like Peter Thiel join this project)

  • Mining pool doesn't mean 1 person controls it all. It just means that people choice that mining pool.
    And people can movie over when ever they want to something else.

    If you think antpool has a location you are wrong.
    People are just connecting there antminer to antpool but they can move to other pools 2.