Day Trading Bitcoin: For Beginners

a short comprehensive guide to day trading bitcoin for beginners. learn how to buy and then sell your bitcoin at a profit, with some helpful tips and tricks.

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  • Thank You helpful video on basics ,which TF do find most advantages to trade with ,apart from eyeballing the direction of the chart for trend direction ,do you use any indicators to confirm Cheers

  • Thanks! Ive been spending so much time trying to learn but so many on Youtube are trying to take advantage of people (like me). I was told never to use limit and the charts are no good since it so volatile. I wont say who but it disappoints me. Wish I would have found your channel sooner because Ive lost $ when I could have been earning.

  • Hi , guys , do you know some about the deepOnion ? I think you need to learn more about it , we are based on tor and it’s the best privacy coin , lots of new features are coming !

  • I have a question. Lets say I buy one bitcoin and then transfer it over to my wallet and then the next morning wish to transfer it back to GDAX. Is there any way that I can avoid those fees from transferring from my wallet to GDAX?

  • TY for this vid. Finally an indepth tutorial with illustrations. So where do you store your $s when not trading? Not suppose to leave in on the exchange. I know to keep coins in wallet but do they allow cash in wallets?

  • Great video…quick question though, when you sell your bitcoins, what do you get? Dollars or what? I ask this because I'm in an exchange that does not allow fiat dollars called Binance and want to trade bitcoins because it's more profitable to use btc than any other currency. Thx

  • You made a very nice video quite clear. Couple of questions:
    – How real-time is the data presented?
    – Are there any trend analyses tools that you use for charting like e.g. point and figure charts to lower your risk?

    Hope to hear from you and keep up the good work!

  • 2 days ago was my first time using gdax thanks to your video! I bought Bitcoin as it started crashing at $8300, thinking that it wouldn't get any lower cause it kept going back to $9000 and $8300-like it couldn't make up its mind lol. Now a few more days it gone back to $6500 or so.I'm starting to understand why people keep buying the "dip" cause I feel like buying again haha.

  • WAY awesome video! So, I am quite new to trading. Basically, buy low and sell high, eh?

    It is FAR easier to figure out BTC to fiat then crypto to crypto. Crypto to crypto made my head spin, lol.

    It looks like you can go from fiar to any coin on GDAX, eh? This way, you might be able to make more money, depending upon the volatility of the coin?

    Am I learning this correctly?

    Thanks so much!

  • MrSotko: hi!

    I have a problem with placing the orders (limit or market) on GDAX platform.

    Transfered .06 BTC from Coinbase account.

    when i place the order of .002 BTC, my order instantly getting rejected. tried number of times, getting the same error message again and again.
    One thing noticed that my USD balance= 0.00. I did not have USD balance on this platform

    Do I need to have some USD balance in order to go through these orders?
    Could you please, help me to understand this platform.
    Thank you!


  • Do you prefer BTC over the the coins supported on Gdax for day trading, or do you find that something like ETH with lower trans. fees and similar market moves to be more profitable ? I hold some BTC, but am thinking of day trading a portion for fun, but lately am find the trans. fees high.

  • Thanks! was always confused about the limit and stop functions. started with $80 and made it to $1400 (AUD) just by checking it weekly. Great time to buy right now while it balances out. Day trading here i come!

  • This has helped allot thankyou I will be starting soon but I have a question now: If let's say a beginning rushed into it and paid at a high ish price at a value of 7.500 and it dropped like you mentioned can you hold it for as long as you like until it dose actually go back up ? So yeah the question is can you hold on to Bitcoin for a very long time so buy at a low price and sell in a few months or a year or 2?