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Crypto Alert! Big Squeeze
$150m Tether Printed
Can LTC surpass XRP?
USA Singled OUT
Ubisoft partners w/ ETH
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  • Bitcoin Chris . . .
    Bitcoin Commando (Super Hero or Super Villian)
    Checked Cryptocurrency Portfolio last Morning . . . then did 50 Sit-Ups . . . then Cried . . . then Watched Crypto Revolution . . . then Smiled.

  • looking at the exponential growth experienced by litecoin, the charts and news of the halving, the litecoin is set to shock a lot of people that are into crptocurrency. Litecoin just broke $125, to reach its highest in 1 year and is going to hit $2,000 before the year runs out and i am accumulating already. A system that has worked for me very well is trading with Robert Brady's signals and trade patterns and then plunging back my profit into more crypto in this ratio: BTC 50%, LTC 20%, XRP 10%. 20% goes back into FIAT and with Roberts accurate trading signals, I still have over $8,000 weekly as FIAT after reinvesting into my crypto portfolio. This is a system of investment i hardly see talked about on Youtube and other media but is simply the best and was propounded to me by Robert based on my investment goals. Robert can be reached by mail ( for a setup that i am sure beyond doubt would work.