California Bill Would LEGALIZE LITECOIN & CRYPTO for Tax Payments From Businesses. Theta Review

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  • you should check out dropil , they are making it easier for people to get into crypto 🙂 they have been around for over a year and are very open and easy to help people with questions 🙂

  • More privacy for customer.
    Less chance of fraud.
    Better accounting for regulators.
    Less security risk and cost than dealing with cash for the store.
    These things only apply to smoke shops though, of course.

    Crypto isn't really a revolution but the spelling is similar.

  • This bill is NOT for consumers to purchase cannabis using crypto currency. I live in CA and have been in the cannabis industry for a while now. This bill is for B2B not B2C. Cultivators must pay the state a special tax for every pound they cultivate. Retailers must pay the state back the cannabis excise tax (15%) which was collected from the consumer at the sale and is due quarterly. So this has nothing to do with anonymity when purchasing cannabis.

  • Here is something to think about… the last bottom on the SPX was the last top for bitcoin could crypto be turning in to a hedge investment for market crashes?? If so we could see a big move up in the next two months. Nearly all top traders on tradingview have been calling a top in US markets for the last couple of months. Which means if wave 1 on SPX ended Dec 24. and Wave 2 can retrace up to 99% of the start of wave 1 we are getting very close time wise for a big move to happen i.e. wave 3. I don't know where we will find support but if we break the 200 weekly moving average the 0.382, 0.5 and 0.618 fib areas are all likely targets for supports and bounces on the way down (Drawn from 2009 low to ATH).

  • I have bought a Trezor wallet plus case.Should be in this Wednesday. A little nervous, after I go through the fine print, I will transfer a small amount of Btc to do a trial run. Wish me luck 😀

  • I Love your show 😀So everyone who lives in California should know about Cannabis 😂Bunch of Damn cannabis heads 😂Just kidding, great news! When you got mixed up on the legal, illegal part, I was waiting for you to start laughing and eating a bowl of ice-cream 😀If that had happened I would be looking like this 😕Love you're show, keep it up!

  • People do NOT buy Theta Token if you want to save your btc value! It will dump HARD if it hasn't started already! It's exactly like every other coin or token that announces a launch date it dumps right before the launch

  • I can only speak about what happens up here in Washington State but most if not all of these MJ dealers are cash only because banks won't touch them. That is changing slowly but I would say this is a way to give customers more options thereby making more tax money available to the state.

  • Hey, what do you think about ADA? I had some thoughts about selling several shares of LTC buying into it. I have about $3K to invest at around $.045 (66.7K shares)