BITCOIN 30x RETURNS vs GOLD?! 😱 Important Bitcoin Math, P vs NP, Scarcity vs Narrative



  • As a regular viewer, not happy that you deviated from pure news. I thought you already earned from your courses/contents promotion and YouTube views. And now, promoting your referral links/Ads in between (like eToro)??

  • Everyday ,some people put there money in the bank to earn over 0.001% for a year, aside bank charges which is still very funny to me because 2017 bitcoin was worth about $200 and to today its worth more than $12,100 !!!. we all know how far its able to go; THE MOON!! imagine if you kept your money in a bitcoin wallet alone with no mining you probably would have multiplied your investment 100 times.but its not late for that because its just starting to boom up. Mr crow helps me invest my BTC in mining with his amazing software.he made me about $15,000 my first week..which has brought a very big change in my life; his email cryptocrow800( at) gmail. com

  • Unfortunately that bybit offer is just for one month of Academy for $1 after that it goes up to $49. Disappointing!! Start watching the video from 4:20 and you'll see that he says you're getting it for $1. That is all he says about it.

  • Даже не думал, что продажу токенов от Дурова откроют для простых смертных. Их сайт gram-ton. org даже без предрегистрации доступен!

  • how come u compare it with sudoku??in sudoku is that esay, follow known arytmicsal 1-9 step by one or more numbers, but the some times u check it by probubliety, – if number matches

  • alt season will start very selectively and end in pure chaos. Good development teams will see their coins turn sooner, XTZ, XMR, DCR, and maybe even BCH will all be running hard before most of the other shitcoins start moving. Eth, xrp, xlm, trx are all dead money, theyll be lucky to reach their old highs, too many sellers.

  • Fidelity Investments holds most of the Individual 401K retirement funds for U.S. workers. These 401K funds are Managed , no doubt Fidelity will recommend to Managers, once Fidelity launches , a recommendation for 5% exposure into BTC.

  • All governments could gang up on Bitcoin, not because it's a threat, but because it will be a convenient thing to scapegoat when legacy finance collapses. They will want to create something for the victims to blame and hate (other than themselves).

  • Ivan please can you look into Egretia. Your research into it will help us a lot. I know it might be a fake pump. Same with chainlink, energi, etc. These coins have been huge gainers last 90days. We need to understand why this is happening. We want to know how to invest in opportunities like this early. we need your help. Thanks

  • if you watch the videos often, then you feel totally stressed. The fast talking and the fast going through of the topics is super stressful.

  • Etoro always had a virtual portfolio to try it out. Also buying crypto there is hella expensive, from 0.9% to 3.9% fees on the spread on every operation

  • Here I did some math for you 🙂 –

    There's ~190,040 metric tonnes of gold ever mined, 1 metric tonne is 32,150.75 ounces of gold, so there's approximately 6 * 10^9 ounces of gold in total vs 17 * 10^6 of bitcoins mined so far, so the ratio is ~0.0027. If bitcoin price was measured in ounce-like units, an "ounce" of BTC at the current price would cost 36 USD, 41x less then an ounce of gold.

  • Notice USA international Soccer player CJ Sapong is heavily into Bitcoin and crypto. ⚽️

    Team mate at Chicago Fire in MLS of German World Cup winner and Bayern Munich legend Bastian Schweinsteiger. ‘Sign of the times’……