Bitcoin Price Prediction | (Where Is The Top?)

Recently we did a video about ETH price prediction and today we are going to do a video about bitcoin price prediction. More specifically we will try to estimate how high can bitcoin go based on past performance, so strep up your sits belts and enjoy this ride.
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  • Nice way to present the averages, but your fundamentals are out of whack. Previous bottom was $200 in Jan 2015. Not $1000? So the increase to the $20K peak was 10,000%. By your methodology this puts the next blow off top at $323,000

  • your averages were from previous all time high to new all tine high

    so you must apply your 1800% from previous all time high (20k) to new coming all time high

    NOT BOTTOM to all tine high

    be consistent and stom priducing shit math

  • $1k to 20k is not bottom to peak!
    $1k wasnt the bottom!!!!!

    bottom was $160!!!

    1800% is average to apply over 20k .. that gives you $300k new all time high

    you are not good at math at all.. this was not consistent.. pure garbage

  • $1000 to 20k is not bottom to peak as you did from 6k to 100k!!

    bottom to peak is $160 (bottom) to $20k

    you must be consistent.. sorry mate this time you produced garbage

  • YOU DID THE AVeRAGE INCrEASe FROM PReVIoUS All Time Highs (1000 was near previous ATH.. 160 was previous bottom) therefore you must apply 1800% over 20k and not 6k not 3.2k!!

    your calculations are wrong