Bitcoin News #52 – No2x movement grows, Japan and South Korea, Overstock and ICOs

Bitcoin news for the week of Sep 25th with @theonevortex @SDWouters @GabrielDVine @vxschmid and special guests @mir_btc and @giacomozucco !!

Charlie Lee has recently joined the popular No2x movement on twitter in an effort to show the corporations that bitcoin belongs to the users, not the CEOs. Is this movement gaining as much momentum as the UASF and will it be just as successful?

With Japan adding Issuing Licenses for 11 Bitcoin Exchanges and the new joint venture between…


  • I have been trying to open a wallet for several years and still can't figure it out. I even offered people $1,000.00 to get me a working bitcoin wallet and nobody stepped up to help. It was about $200.00 and less when I started trying to buy it. Now it's over $4,000.00 and I'm STILL unable to open a wallet. At these prices I no longer will pay someone that much but I sure wish SOMEBODY would teach me how. I am literally sick to my stomach from having to watch it go into the thousands and I can't do a damn thing but watch it. Why have something that nobody can or will help people join up? I'm SO PISSED OFF because nobody will help me.

  • Tone has a great point there.
    It only defeats the purpose of decentralization.

    REMEMBER: Fuck the governments. Cryptos are our way of freedom.

  • Vortex is right about the important role sidechains will play. Keep your eyes peeled on Lisk. I see someone building Bitcoin sidechains on the Lisk network as inevitable.

  • 40:18 banning bitcoin is as easy as pulling back obamacare… swiss people are mostly too sceptic, they like obamacare more than btc. Rocket man may be the clue for all? Moving to suisse wont help you, cause you have US passport. Just keep on rocking!

  • 26:50. Switzerland has the biggest bitcoins… jawoll! Give up US Passsort you dont pay taxes on your trades go to suisse or dubai. COINBASE Mr. Tone warned you, isnt there shapeshift for trade junkies? But they want to give their data to central control.

  • 3:35 NO2X gaining momentum? – Giacomo
    7:30 NO2X gaining momentum? – Mir & Tone
    10:09 NO2X gaining momentum? – Sam
    11:02 NO2X gaining momentum? – Valentin
    13:16 NO2X gaining momentum? – Gabriel
    21:35 Japan & South Korea cryptocurrency activity – Mir & Tone
    25:26 Japan & South Korea cryptocurrency activity – Giacomo
    30:00 Japan & South Korea cryptocurrency activity – Valentin
    32:06 Japan & South Korea cryptocurrency activity – Gabriel
    44:10 Japan & South Korea cryptocurrency activity – Sam
    58:25 ICO market maturing with regulation? – Giacomo
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    1:07:43 ICO market maturing with regulation? – Mir & Tone & Gabriel
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