BITCOIN MASSIVE BULL RUN!!! | Bitcoin NEWS: Ebay, Microsoft, Wholefoods/Amazon & Bakkt News

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Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin News Today: Will Ebay launch payment option in Bitcoin? Microsoft developing on the Bitcoin blockchain, Whole Foods going into crypto and Bakkt news!! Also, I’ll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Watch the video to learn more!

1:19 Bitcoin Analysis
5:26 Alts
7:42 Stocks Vs. BTC
8:27 Whole Foods News
9:30 Microsoft News
10:41 Ebay…


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    1:19 Bitcoin Analysis
    5:26 Alts
    7:42 Stocks Vs. BTC
    8:27 Whole Foods News
    9:30 Microsoft News
    10:41 Ebay News
    12:01 Bakkt News

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  • @Carl glad you picked up on the double top on the 60% but zoom in on that time frame back in 2017, you will see it actually went over 60% on the two occasions the second time a bit more higher, then Bitcoin topped out.

  • Hey Carl, how do we know that we've reached a local top and it's time to short? Can you tell us some of the signs? Thanks for these uploads, love your videos!

  • I got raped on my first two trades on bitmex.. hahaha.. thankfully it was play money to test how it works… 3rd trade worked out a charm.. don't trust/listen to the troll box…comments on it tho are epic.. great vids man..

  • This is amazing I've been losing alot of money during this bear market although I still bought btc even Im losing money I've long btc at 3600 and 3800 now its 8000 wow I should have hold and not sell my lose from my 6500 with all those years losing money I've just made within a few days

  • a video on how you trade on bitmex in real time would be cool. Some tips and tricks and dos and dont would be good. I mean you are telling people to go to bitmex and sign up and gamble but you dont really go into the actual trading or how to use bitmex in real world scenario. I just figure if you are telling people to go gamble on bitmex you should go futher into the detail on when you should trade how to put in orders. I put in a market order like you did on your video and it took like a minute to fill and when it did fill it bought at the top and I was basically sweating all night im sure there are best practices that you follow.

  • I think the moon is to close we are going for the constellations!!!!! I am So happy I did not listen to mostly everyone of my friends and hold my coins for the past 2 years. The 💩 is going to hit the fan…

  • The moon the reason to grab a low to mid cap alt is because if it does run it will 5-10x easily within maybe even a couple of days. For BTC to 5-10x that's going to take awhile. Alts are the only way to accumulate BTC unless you are willing to use leverage.

  • Well, why should I shift to BTC when it blew off already?
    I will have to wait a bit hoping BTC dominance shrinks a bit. You were also stating a small altcoin boom might be likely.
    I think there might be a better moment to shift some alts to BTC before it explodes (obviously that should happen before Bakkt)

  • Carl, if the longest and strongest support and resistance level around 6 K that kept for over 12 months did not stop BTC from moving up, why would a weak key level 8400 stop it? We may as well easily break through it and go straight to 11+K. Keep in mind guys, the resistance levels above 6 K were way weaker than the 6K level. And bitcoin simply disregarded what was according to TA suppose to hold us below 6 K for next few months. This market and common sense seems not to have a lot in common…