Altcoin News – North Korea Mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, IOTA News

We are currently seeing a massive price spike with Litecoin and Ethereum is starting to surge. Depending on how long you have been invested in some of these coins it might be a good idea to take some profit.


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  • I made all the wrong moves in this latest Alt coin surge… I got fed up with holding Ethereum, so dumped the sucker for far more thrilling rides. Also toyed with the idea of loading up on litecoin and Ripple, but didn’t think they could pump to the levels I sort…. I chose poorly! 😒
    So now I’m lumbered with Power Ledger leaking a few percent daily, IOTA, taking me on wild swings only to end the day where I started. Salt, doing nothing for the last week or so. Same with Cardano. I’ve just loaded up on Vertcoin during this little dip… I have to say, my most steady performer for the last month has been Funfair. Moving comparatively slowly, but steadily up.

    Love your channel. Keep the info and content coming.

  • I fear that a lot of the penny cryptos are over and done with in terms of seeing incredible moons like we did with Litecoin and Ether or am I completely wrong? I have a bunch in Cardino stellar, and ripple but can't really afford to be buying the cryptos already at almost $10 or more because I'm not going to profit much and I don't want to invest my whole months check into it..

    Any ideas for someone who wants to invest long term in "penny cryptos?"

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