2 Things to Watch for in Crypto, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Questions Answered

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  • Cryptos are still not for the faint of heart, or the get-rich-quick crowd. I went into this with a buy-and-hold mentality, and that hasn't changed. I'm still well ahead, so I'll continue waiting, watching and holding.

  • 3rd thing to watch for in crypto: the release of 166,344 bitcoins and 168,177 bitcoin cash in Q1 of 2019 from the Mt. Gox fiasco. I think the thousands of people receiving them stand to make a large profit and will be selling them. This large selloff looming seems ominous to me, and anticipation of it will probably affect the market long before it actually takes place.

  • Hi Tyler, could you shine your light on this, what this could mean for Litecoin?, as it is stongly connected to Bitcoin. -> Bitmain nears 51% of total Bitcoin network hashrate….

  • Like you I want the market to bottom out as quick as possible. Get it over with and start stabilizing the market. It’s interesting that the Dow and other markets are ready to crash as well as the once mighty petrol dollar. When the crash happens crypto will do quite well. Now the question is when will that happen and how fast will the crypto market rise? Interesting times we live in. Love it. 😂👍🏼

  • 8:20 ABRA and Binance are my main 2 used exchanges. If one does their due diligence, they'll soon realize how much faster, cheaper, and smoother the 2 exchanges are. In all seriousness, when for example, I can send .05 btc from binance to ABRA for a couple bucks. That.05 BTC costs $5 flat rate to exchange into dollars on a Sunday, and by lunchtime monday, bam! It's in my bank account. Also, since I buy a small set amount every week, it goes faster. Like last week I bought .01 BTC for $5 on Tuesday. It hadn't even posted to my bank account as pending before I was able to trade it for alts on binance before bedtime Tuesday night. #DELETECOINBASE # DELETEGEMINI

  • Hey Tyler! Always checking your videos 🙂 I think it's hard to predict prices, no matter the month year or decades, it can burst upwards or downwards. Since we are in the game it's hard to stay positive, but remember… where bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum technology was 3-5 years ago and what prices were at that time? I think crypto will stay, strong teams are moving forward with development and implementation. More developed technology – more users it attracts. I think, crypto technology needs to start building compliance field, without it, I think it will not move forward.

    Cheers Tyler! 🙂

  • Really its more like 100 billion marketcap since most the tokens / coins showing are premined with fakemarketcap,, bitcoin went down the alts continued to go down that's because their bad premined alts in a manipulated market, back in 2013 to 2015 when BTC dropped in price all alts would increase against it, that's no longer true but it should be because cheaper btc should mean the devs/supporters of the projects can pump more in to their respective markets.

  • Your Intro is the MOST Peaceful few seconds of my day. Don't let Dan have " my " FAVORITE intro Music ;))))), I guess you can, that way I may / would hear it more, with Both Channels using it. Thanks for your perspective

  • Great shoutout! I dumped all of my DGD ignoring litecoin hodling it despite the drop in prices and bought a bunch of ETC as it may get added to coinbase in months to come. Definetly will look forward to mass buying LTC if it drops below $70!

  • Hi Tyler. Glad to see you're hanging in there and putting out vids. I'm hanging in and watching your vids. 😉 Athena.
    Btw, notice all the ZIL shills in the comments section? Friends of yours? ha

  • Tyler another amazing video..I always get excited when you mention your favs as we have a lot in common..also I’m begging you to accept the interview from dan for his channel!! You guys are my favorites by far and it would be epic!! Be well!!

  • Great info Tyler everyday I'm Hodling and apart from being team Litecoin I think we can also do it right with Digibyte it's a true OG in the space and the tech is awesome I'm loading the boat ⛵

  • Just watching bitcoin. They trying to push it down past 5,000. Still going to HODL. I bought 3 coins at 83.if it goes to 65 I'll buy another 3…. itll flip one day and we'll be cruising back up. Until then , get those 8 hour shift in guys